Etournalize yourself. As life unfolds.



Etournal combines personal archiving of media and information with social networking in a new and simple way, enabling you to selectively describe your live for current and future generations and administer an attractive online presence, even beyond your lifetime.

Etournal's many useful features and valuable tools will give you unprecedented control over when, with who and for how long you want to share your content online, finally putting you in full charge of your life on the web.

The stories of loved ones. Told by you.


The stories of loved ones. Told by you.

Etournal Tributes are rich online legacies created by users to share life stories of departed loved ones for future generations to experience.

You may also create a separate account for your child to document the early years and share precious moments with your family and close friends. Eventually, the account can be handed down when your child comes of age and is ready to take over.

It couldn't be easier. A big plus.



Journal Notes, photos, videos, audio recordings, documents and events are all added through the same simple process.




Any item can be shared with a select group of family and friends or be displayed publicly on your Etournal homepage.




Automatic Deletion can be scheduled for items that a user does not wish to have preserved indefinitely in cyberspace.

Every picture tells a story. Literally.



Attach Audio Tags to items, allowing for spoken word, music and sounds to compliment visual content. That way, stories of pictures can be narrated or documents can be enhanced by commentary.

Audio Tags can be uploaded from an existing file or recorded directly with your computer's microphone and the Etournal mobile apps.




Chapters are a unique Etournal feature that enable you to thoroughly document life periods and important milestones with multiple forms of media.

A wedding, for instance, can be represented by a Chapter including photos and video of the ceremony and party, as well as the invitations, the marriage license, songs played at the wedding and recordings of personal stories told by the newly-weds and their guests.




Lock away your most confidential items, such as living wills, insurance policies and personal letters in the Etournal Vault and choose to either have them deleted automatically or be distributed selectively when you are no longer able through Etournal's ERC technology.

Accessing the Vault requires entry of secondary password, even when you are signed into your Etournal account. To avoid unintentionally exposing sensitive content, your Vault locks itself each time you leave the page or after a shirt period of inactivity.




Etournal Treasures provides a virtual space for all of the material things you value, large and small.

The stuff you love. Always at your fingertips.



The Guestbook is a central page to leave messages and media for other users.




Any item can be tied into Etournal Communities, pages dedicated to an ever-evolving variety of human interests and topics, ranging from World War II to Amazing Pets to Survivor Stories to Beach Weddings.

All Communities can be explored by filtering the content through media type, making them a valuable resource for researching personal interests, hobbies, life stories and historic events.

Communities offer an awe-inspiring way of tying individual life stories into the big picture of the human experience.


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