Is Etournal hosting free?


Will that ever change?

Never. In the future we might offer additional options and services, such as customization features for a small charge.

I'm already on too many social networks! What would I need Etournal for?
We had a feeling you'd ask that! First and foremost Etournal is a safe space for all your digital media first, with the added ability to share in a network with unprecedented control over what, when and for how long you want to share.

With Etournal you can

  • create and administer an attractive, comprehensive, meaningful and everlasting online presence for yourself and loved ones;
  • safe-keep important files;
  • document valued belongings;
  • explore Etournal Communities for research and entertainment;
  • share and interact with close friends and family in a secure and private environment.
But I'd never want to quit my other networks!

And you shouldn't! You will find that Etournal offers many rich, yet simple-to-use features and practical tools not found with other social networks and cloud services, such as Audio Tags, Scheduled Sharing and Automatic Deletion of content, the Vault, Chapters, Treasures and Tributes. These tools were designed to finally put you in full charge of your personal content on the web. 

Other networks are great for sharing funny, random, everyday types of postings with a large group of people. But you might NOT want to store and share the deep and personal things you would like yourself or a loved one to one day be remembered for exclusively on those sites. That's what Etournal was created for. While you are welcome to post not-so-important moments and thoughts here as well, you have the option to schedule deletion of content that you might outgrow eventually and do not wish to preserve in cyberspace indefinitely.
By the way: If desired, Etournal content can conveniently be shared on Facebook or Twitter as well. But ultimately your most valuable content will be securely kept in an attractive, timeless environment that truly respects you and your privacy choices, now and forever.
Yes, what about my privacy?

Whenever you upload content, it's easy for you to determine what will be shared with who, when and for how long. There are no hidden, confusing and constantly morphing privacy settings, and there never will be. We simply promise not to sell your "Etournal soul" to third parties. Pinky promise!

Pinky promise???

On Etournal you share what's really important with the people who matter the most. We respect that. And you might choose to generously share some of your content publicly in our amazing communities. We and the world appreciate that.

In the end, it's your life and your legacy. We feel honored you entrusted us with preserving it. That's why, for example, we would never place ads on a Tribute page. And we promise our success will never come at the expense of your trust.

"Great movie? Tweet it!
At the Gym? Facebook it!
Her first day of Kindergarten? Etournalize it!"